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Optimizing Brain Health to Improve Learning - Parent University Webinar Series
Does fish oil actually help? What’s the problem with gluten? How much sleep should my child be getting? How does stress actually impact learning? These are just a few of the questions we will answer in this session. Come take away easy to implement action steps to improve learning capacity for your entire family.

In this complimentary webinar you will learn:

•How utilizing the four pillars of brain health - nutrition, physical exercise, stress reduction, and mental exercise - can improve your child's school performance
•Key nutritional changes and additions to make to feed the brain for success

•How much sleep is needed for your child and how to create a home that promotes great sleep hygiene

•Ways to use exercise to improve attention and focus

•Activities and games to help your child exercise their mind and increase their learning capacity

•Simple mindfulness exercises to help your child manage and reduce anxiety


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